COVID-19 Response

A pandemic is a horrible, tragic time. What can make it especially difficult is the “not knowing” of what is going on. In that scenario, the most important thing you can do is overcommunicate.

In the midst of COVID, it was very important for us to be in sync 100% of the time with our clients while we were doing what they were doing: asking for their help when we needed it, and giving help when they needed it. And so, the most important thing for us was simply the free flow of information in a difficult time in our world, to make sure that we are doing the best that we can, protecting people and keeping them safe. This meant safety for passengers, our employees, our clients’ employees, and even the non-riding public.

The thing that I’m most proud of is the way we responded to the very first case – the very first case in the United States happened to be a passenger who was on one of our buses. We responded like there was no tomorrow to make sure that we were keeping the employees safe, that we were getting the right PPE equipment, and that we were protecting passengers.

Our team went above and beyond, just tremendous work and that’s where everybody working together with the corporation supporting the divisions, the divisions working together, and quite frankly the divisions working hand in hand with our clients. When you put it all together that’s how we minimized disruptions and achieved success in the pandemic environment.

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