Keith Anglin on Customer Experience

MV Transportation’s company vision is to deliver the best customer experience in the industry – every day and on every trip. Every customer has individual needs and their experience counts. It’s important that everyone on our team embraces and adapts to those needs to deliver the best customer experience.

What sets MV apart is our culture.  Our people ensure that we bring aboard the right resources, that the right people are in the right jobs for the right reasons, and that they are properly engaged and always attuned to customer service and customer experience.

The company’s leaders understand these ideals and we align our operations to ensure that we deliver on the full breadth of resources, training, and education it takes to fulfill our commitment to our transit agencies and the communities we serve.

MV strives to deliver a “platinum” level customer experience. That means that we treat customers the way they want and deserve to be treated.  We do that by understanding each individual rider’s needs, and individual customer needs. We see the tangible performance metrics for factors such as on-time performance, which are important, but we believe it also takes delivering the best customer experience with every passenger trip. It is essential for our team’s performance, and essential for the success of our company.

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