Tom Egan on Leadership

Since our founding over 45 years ago, MV Transportation’s culture has dictated that to truly be a leader in transit requires meaningful leadership at every level, whether you’re an operator, in dispatch, or maintenance, reservations or anywhere else.

Achieving leadership means thinking beyond the confines of our industry, to best practices in business, operations, customer service, technology, and safety. We believe in blending the best talent, so we look for that talent within our ranks and within the industry, and we blend it with the very best people from outside the industry. Ultimately, that produces better innovation and better solutions for our company and for our customers. For example, in maintenance, IT, and customer service, bringing in fresh ideas and talented leaders sometimes from outside of transit helps us drive additional creative change.

Achieving real leadership also dictates that you must continuously improve and continuously provide a better experience for your customers every day and over time. At MV, we devote entire programs to innovation. Whether it be new hybrid transit models, alternative fuels or the application of technology or automation, we constantly work to improve service and make better decisions.

What sets MV apart as a leader in the industry is our drive around responsibility, accountability, innovation, and continuous improvement. Our culture and commitment to providing the very best customer experience – enabled by innovation and fortified with training – is what drives each MV team member every day, from myself as CEO to an accountant in finance, to a maintenance tech, and of course to the people our riders see most, the operators behind the wheel.

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