Total Transit Safety

Safety is by far the most important thing that we do day in and day out at MV Transportation. The way that we approach and manage safety really has the sense of urgency that safety is not just a priority because priorities can change. Safety is our core operating value.

We believe that great safety in every area really boils down to two main things: People, and paying attention to detail and solidly executing the basics as a leadership team and as an organization.

We have an intense focus around what we call Destination Zero: achieving zero unsafe behaviors, zero accidents and zero injuries.

We take a very data-driven approach to measuring our progress towards achieving Destination Zero, and we recognize that to create a culture of prevention and truly achieve zero accidents and zero injuries, you have to focus on the behavioral element.

It’s not just about analyzing the lagging indicators anymore. It’s really about looking at all of the data that’s available to you to truly understand the effectiveness of your safety programs.

The way we have incorporated data and analytics around leading indicators as a key element in how we manage safety has really allowed us to break through to unprecedented new levels of accident and injury reduction.

This journey that we’re on, what we’re doing about safety and how we’re innovating, is so critical because safety is essential to delivering the best customer experience.

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